Shabbat Noah 2010 in Jerusalem

We all know Noah who saved humanities and the species from annihilation in the flood

On this round we ALL take responsibility!

Teva Ivri invites you to

The Flood Festival

A Jewish environmental celebration

In Emek Refayim

Friday Oct. 8th 2010, 10:00-13:30

In Emek Refayim st. Jerusalem

So, what’s the plan?

Farmers’ Market with an Ecological Orientation – at the yard of Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council. The farmers’ market will be held through the festival

Learning Together Chai Shop – at the central lawn of the Community Council. This is a joint venture of Teva Ivri and Ma’agalei Zedek. All through the festival we will have learning circles on environment and society combined with chai shop. Creative Workshops for children will be held consequently, featuring animal makeup and preparation of environmental signs for those interested in joining the Flood Ahead Parade.

The Flood Ahead Parade – a colorful humoristic parade in which the animals of the ark will set out to convince the people of Jerusalem to take social-environmental responsibility and not leave all the work for Noah… Everyone is welcome to join in!

Café Meetings – Lectures for adults in Café Ben Ami:

10:00 Rabbi Beni Lau – To Be a Sustainable Jew: Are We Sons of Noah or Sons of Abraham?

11:00 Dr. Michael Kagan – The Secret of the Jews: What We Have to Contribute to Saving the Planet for Future Generations

12:00 Community of Choice Panel – a panel featuring various members of communities on the subject of building communities, environment and society

13:00 Rabbi Michael Malkior – Looking from the Ark on Society Environment and the Treasures of Nature

Live Music performances all through the festival

Sculpting Environment in Emek Refayim – the artist Jonathan Segal leads the construction of an environmental statue of the Crow conveying a message of conservation of the species in our world

Green Stands throughout the Emek Refayim street featuring environmental organizations and green manufacturers

Come in Peace

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