Shabbat Noach Highlights

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Shabbat Noach Highlights

Central Event in Jerusalem


This year’s Central Event, a lively street festival titled "Before the Flood," took place in Jerusalem’s German Colony.  Organized in partnership with the Lev HaIr community center, it included a parade, an organic market, a recycled ark-building competition featuring art from Jerusalem schoolchildren, live music, workshops, and lectures by rabbis and community leaders.





Communities in Action

As in previous years, many communities and institutions dedicated Shabbat Noach to Jewish environmental study and action.  Participating communities included the towns of Efrat, Eshchar, Zichron Yaakov, Yerucham, and Alon, which held study sessions, Kabalat Shabbat services in nature, special sermons, and other activities.  The Shuva congregation opened its doors to the public for a weekend of Jewish environmental learning.  Several pre-military academies also held Shabbat Noach activities.

Special Shabbat Noach Publications

In partnership with the Torah and Eretz Institute, Teva Ivri helped to publish a special edition of the Otzar HaShabbat weekly newsletter.  The edition was dedicated to mitzvoth of the Land of Israel and other relevant environmental topics.  An excerpt from the Institute’s president, HaRav Yaakov Ariel:
The Jew of faith has a unique responsibility to protecting the environment.  Torah-observant Jews need to be more aware of everything regarding protection of G-d’s Creation, to prevent destruction and to consider others and future generations.  In particular, we must be careful regarding environmental protection in the Land of Israel….

In addition, Teva Ivri published a variety of articles addressing Jewish sustainability in the Israeli media.  View Shabbat Noach in the Hebrew news.