Teva Ivri’s plans for the upcoming year

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Plans for 2012


Greening Communities – With our recently published Hebrew guidebook, Hagim U’Zmanim L’Sviva, we have helped hundreds of communities to incorporate environmental texts and activities into educational programs and Jewish life cycle events.  This year we will reach many new participants by partnering with the Israeli Association for Community Centers.

Formal Educational Curriculum – Our 5th grade curriculum entitled “Between a People and Their Land” will introduce grade school students to principles of sustainability.

Sustainability Awareness in Social Justice and Environmental Organizations –In partnership with The Green Environment Fund, Binah, and Ma’aglei Tzedek, we are launching a year-long program to help organizational leaders to understand the links between Judaism, environment, and society. 

Israel-Diaspora Programs – We are implementing a new environmental study and volunteer program called JiVE, targeting students and other visitors from abroad. 

Lectures, Seminars, Beit Midrash Workshops, and Publications – This year we will continue to offer training programs for teachers, community leaders, and other agents of change.  Our popular articles in the Israeli media and abroad on the topic of Judaism and sustainability will continue to bring the topic of Jewish Sustainability to the forefront of the Israeli social agenda.