Donation to Teva Ivri

published on: 28-09-2014

Israeli Shmita is working hard to generate and support a range of projects that will bring the social-environmental values of Shmita to all Israelis.  Your support goes directly to projects designed to bring people together to create lasting social and environmental change in Israel.

You can make a tax deductable donation to Teva Ivri in support Israeli Shmita through Israel Gives.

Your contribution enables us to achieve: 


$36 distributes 120 copies of Shmita Catalogue to be distributed throughout schools.


$180 sponsors one attendee for a leadership training session. 


$360 funds a micro-grant for one local Shmita initiative. 


$500 creates a one-day Shmita Sukkah happening in an Israeli town or city.


$1,000 builds the English version of the Israeli Shmita Website.


$3600 creates a core lesson plan about Shmita for distribution throughout the Jewish educational world.


$10,000 sponsors a comprehensive new media campaign.