Who We Are

Teva Ivri (Jewish Nature) is an Israeli non-profit organization promoting Jewish environmental responsibility. Comprised of both religious and non-religious activists, our goal is to expand the identities of Jews to include an obligation to sustainable living.  By raising awareness and facilitating local community action, Teva Ivri seeks to turn the environmental and social values rooted in the Jewish tradition into the foundational building blocks of Israeli culture and society.

During the last decade, awareness of the global environmental crisis has increased; the need act now to prevent an ecological disaster has become clear.  Many environmental leaders understand the crisis to be linked to critical flaws in human culture and values.  Teva Ivri advocates environmental change by facilitating a fundamental shift in awareness that stems from Jewish values.  By linking commitment to global preservation to Jewish identity, Teva Ivri offers a broad-based response that fuses the spheres of sustainability, culture, identity, and values. Teva Ivri's pluralistic approach enables all sectors of Judaism to join the effort to create a sustainable future for Israel.