Content Development

Teva Ivri writes, translates, and edits a variety of online materials on the topic of Judaism and Environment:

Online Resource Center – Teva Ivri’s website ( is the only online Hebrew resource on Judaism and the Environment, with close to 82,000 online pages of articles, activities, and study guides.

Tu b’Shvat Study Guide – Our Tu b’Shvat study guide, published in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, includes environmental activities and texts related to the holiday.  Published in both an online and a printed version, it targets synagogues, communities, and educational institutions.

Hagim U’Zmanim L’Sviva (Holidays and Seasons for the Environment) –This comprehensive study guide, published in partnership with the Kiryat Tivon community center, the Department for Jewish Renewal in Community Centers, and the Ministry of the Environment, contains environmental rituals relating to the Jewish calendar and ideas for personal, family, and community environmental action.  
Mikra-Adama – a Jewish Environmental Reader – This anthology of texts relating to the connection between humans and earth was published in partnership with Beit Avichai’s Beit Midrash program.

Blogs and Online Articles – Teva Ivri publishes periodic posts, blogs, and articles in the online media, including a permanent “green column” around the topic of Jewish holidays on Ynet and a permanent post on the Jewish Agency’s blog for Jewish renewal, and a monthly blog on the Jewcology Jewish Environmental Portal.

Content Development – Teva Ivri produced Jewish Environmental study sheets for various target audiences for the Midreshet Online Beit Midrash website  and for the Jewcology Jewish Environmental Portal .

Teva Ivri’s publications may be downloaded from our Hebrew website or by contacting