‫‪‫‪Lectures and‬‬ Study Groups‬‬

Teva Ivri offers a variety of programs and study groups for lay leaders, rabbis, and community members:

“Food for Thought” Lecture Series – Lectures and study sessions for the religious public in Jerusalem on the topic of Judaism, Ethics, and Food.  

Community Environmental Beit Midrash Study Group – An environmental study group for community activists, in partnership with “Zayit – Jewish Cultural Identity in the Hefer Valley.”

Beit Midrash “Tikkun Olam” (Repairing the World) – In partnership with Binah, the Green Fund, and Maaglei Tzedek, Teva Ivri helps activists in Israeli social, environmental, and human justice organizations to expand their environmental awareness and activities.

 “Midradeshe” – A series of meetings for students in the Jezreel valley on the topic of Judaism and the Environment.

To set up a lecture series or study group in your area, please contact info@tevaivri.org.il.