Our Vision

Many of today’s leading thinkers understand the environmental crisis to be related to critical flaws in human culture and values.  Teva Ivri advocates environmental change by facilitating a fundamental shift in awareness that stems from Jewish values.  The stewardship ethics and practices found in Jewish culture and tradition can and should inform the Israeli response to today's environmental challenges.  
Sustainability and Pluralism

While many environmental organizations exist in Israel, Teva Ivri is unique in that it both draws upon the ancient Jewish roots of sustainability and represents a diverse cross-section of modern Israeli Jewish society. Teva Ivri’s members include individuals of varying religious practices and beliefs, from urban and rural communities across the country, expressing a wide range of political viewpoints. They all share the conviction that only through a pluralistic Jewish consciousness of responsibility for the land and its people will Israeli society reach a state of cultural and environmental sustainability.

We promote Jewish environmental responsibility in the following settings:

•    Formal and informal educational systems:  teacher training, curriculum development, and consultation
•    Professional organizations and individuals:  educational training, workshops and networking
•    The general public:  large-scale events and the furthering of local green initiatives
•    Decision-makers in governmental and public agencies:  educational training designed to turn Jewish sustainability into a stimulus for policy change
•    Diaspora Jewry:  collaborative partnerships with Jewish environmental organizations and programming for visitors to Israel