Teva Ivri is made possible by the support of foundations, individual donors, and government ministries who believe in our work.

Supporters along the Way

The Blumenthal Family Foundation of Des Moines

The Israeli Ministry of the Environment

The Norwegian Fund for Jewish projects

The Common Sense Fund

The Levi Lassen Foundation

The Charles and Lynn Shusterman Foundation (ROI)


Mrs. Freda Rosenfeld

The Green Environment Fund


In addition, Teva Ivri works closely with the following agencies in the fields of Education, Environment, and Judaism:

International Partners

The Jewish Agency
Canfei Nesharim
The Green Zionist Alliance
Partnership 2000
Siach Initiative
ROI Community

Israeli Partners

ORT “Roots of Israel” Program
The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Amit School System
Tali School System
Association of Cities for Environmental Quality – Beit Netufah Basin
Orot Teachers’ College
Binah Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture
Makom BaGalil – Values-Based Education
Hillel – Haifa, Tel Hai, Yezreel, Jerusalem
The Center for Local Sustainability
Ginger – Vegetarian Community Center
The Association of Community Centers
Green Now (Hebrew)
Midreshet Online Learning Community
Good Food Initiative
Community Association of Ginot HaIr
B’ma’agalei Tzedek
The Herzog Center
Ne’emanei Torah V’Avodah - Strengthening Tolerance and Openness in Orthodoxy
Almah – Hebrew Cultural Center
Panim for Jewish Renaissance
Pisgah Education Centers – Beit She’an, Hadera, Katzrin, Kiryat Shmona (Hebrew)
Tzohar – Jewish Unity in Israel (Hebrew)

Council for a Beautiful Israel


A Different Lesson – Educational Content
70 Faces Initiative (Hebrew)

Einat Kramer, Director of Teva Ivri, sits on the steering committees of Siach, Life and Environment, Mirkam Network for Mixed Religious and Secular Communities, The Beit Midrash Network, and Panim and is an active member of the Forum for Organizational Directors in the Social Sector