Our story:

“Teva Ivri” is a non profit organization that promotes Jewish environmental responsibility in Israel. It consists of religious and secular people, intellectuals and activists, who strive to expand our identity as Jews living in Israel to include our commitment to a sustainable way of living. This goal intersects with the view of the environmental crisis as a human-made global emergency, and its solution as one that requires local responsibility, drawing from our culture and heritage.


Over the last few years, the social and environmental challenges the state of Israel is facing seem to be increasing, whereas the ability to handle them is decreasing due to social division and the loss of unity. Teva Ivri is unique in that we address these problems holistically and positively, not through protest, but by promoting solutions for the future, based on the common ground of our shared Jewish heritage.

"Bar Kaima – The Movement for Jewish Israeli Sustainability" is Teva Ivri’s young adult division. Founded in early 2020, it aims to connect young Israelis to the environmental cause, in order to manifest the Zionist vision of an exemplary society and the Jewish aspiration for ״Tikkun Olam.״ Today, approximately 200 members ages 18-35 are active in the field, including participants of pre-military mechina programs, soldiers, college students, and young adults.


Our Goals:

To elicit the social and environmental values rooted in Jewish traditions and disseminate them throughout the population.

To inspire people to become involved in practical activities which implement these Jewish social and environmental values.

To connect people from different sectors through shared projects which implement Jewish social and environmental values in our lives.



With your support, Teva Ivri can influence the way the Jewish world in Israel thinks about issues of environment, society, and culture.  It will enable Teva Ivri to further develop and expand its efforts to promote Jewish Environmental responsibility in Israel and Jewish sustainability around the world. 


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